Collect membership fees online UK

Simple way to collect membership fees & dues automatically

With Subscribie you can automatically collect yearly, monthly or weekly membership fees from your members. This is an automated system by which your members can sign-up online, and a regular payment is set-up from their account to yours. VAT invoices may be generated if your organisation is VAT registered. From the admin dashboard, it is possible to list all subscribers, pause and cancel active subscriptions. Other features allow your members to login and see their own subscription, and more than one subscription is possible per subscriber.

There are flexible membership plans you can create. For a simple example, you can set a monthly recurring charge for membership. For organisations which require an initial administrative fee, you may also specify an 'up-front' charge which gets added to the members initial payment.

Trial periods are also possible, specified by number of days free, so members may trial a membership subscription.

How it works

From your account, you can create plans which fit your organisations fee structure. For example "Individual membership" at £15 month, and "Family membership" at £35 a month, and finally a yearly membership plan option.

A simple sign-up website is generated for you, from which your members can visit and sign-up online. When members sign-up, you're able to see them appear on your admin dashboard.


How much does it cost?

See our pricing page

How many plans can I create?

There is no limit to the number of plans you create.

Can I sell one-off items too?

Yes. You can create plans with just a one-time fee. You might find this useful if you sell 'taster' options or sessions of your product or service.

See more answers on our FAQ, or create a subscription now.