How to add Subscription in Wordpress

How to add Subscription in Wordpress

Are you trying to build your subscription website using Wordpress just starting out? You might not need to.

Here's what we hear all the time:

"How do I connect a subscription to my Wordpress website?"

"I'm not getting the hand of wordpress plus its not really what i wanted for my website."

" Is this the only website I can connect the subscription and domain too?"

Common experiences we see

Building a Subscription Website Is Different

We built a Subscription website builder for similar reasons to those quotes above. We found:

  • Wordpress can take a long time to build a subscription website (it's possible, and some people enjoy that; but it can take a lot of time and learning).
  • Not everybody has time or the budget for learning/installing all those plugins, especially when they're starting out.
  • It's actually quite complicated if you don't know what your doing focus on your business, not faffing with Wordpress!

So let's fix this. We've built and are constantly improving the Subscribie project, which is an open source project for building subscription based websites. It also happens to be OpenSource, just like Wordpress is.

With the subscription website builder you have:

  • An off-the-shelf web-shop people can buy from
  • Ability set/edit packages, and customers can subscribe to these packages
  • Handles the billing and payments for you

Right now, in ten minutes it's possible to build all the above.

Try doing that with Wordpress in ten minutes- it might install in 10 minutes, but you've still got your main task ahead of you (building the subscription website).

What people don't understand about Wordpress is they're often trying to get it to do something it was never intended to do, or attempt to install far too many plugins to eventually build the functionality they need.

It's sad but it's often the case people think about the most import feature needs after they've chosen their website platform. It should be the other way around. If your starting a subscription based business, for heavens sake, start with a tool which is built with that in mind- you'll save so much time!

Subscription Business Website Resources

Focus on your primary business features, get those sorted first. Don't spend hours/days choosing the correct themes and endless plugin options. By using website builders suitable for subscription based business models (not Wordpress) you can focus on testing your market, or simply making recurring payments much easier for your existing business.