How to Set up Automatic Rent Payments in less than 5 minutes

Learn how to collect rent payments from tenants every month automatically in less than 5 minutes.

How to Set up Automatic Rent Payments in less than 5 minutes

Quicky setup automatic rent payments from your tenants in 5 minutes.

It's quicker and easier to do this, and some of your tenants will prefer a fast and automated sign-up process that they can use to pay their rent to you every month seamlessly.

With Subscribie, it's easy to set that up, and you as the landlord can set the amount of the payment, which is a subscription each month.

This is a step-by-step guide with pictures.

Click the link below to follow along with us and create a rent collection page.

Let's use the pretend name "Settle In Ltd" as an example company, but you would setup your own

  1. Create a sign-up page using Subscribie
  2. Create a plan for the amount you want to charge (monthly or weekly)
  3. Send your tenants a link to the sign-up page so they can activate the automatic rent payments

1. Create a sign-up page using Subscribie

On Subscribie's Homepage, click Get started to begin creating your own Subscribie page.

Then, fill in your Business Name, E-mail and type a password.

2. Create a plan for the amount you want to charge

Once you have filled in your Business Name, E-mail and created a password then scroll down. Here you will have to fill in:

  • The name you would like to give your subscription (Eg: Monthly Rent)
  • The amount of money for the subscription (Eg: 600 GBP)
  • The interval between subscription payments, for example, weekly, monthly or yearly. (Eg: Monthly)
  • A short description explaining your subscription. (Eg: E.g. Monthly rent for Room 4, 25 Chester Street)

Once you have provided the following information, click Save then Subscribie will begin to build your online rent collection system and you will be redirected to your rent collection dashboard.

Now that you have successfully created a subscription for your tenants, Go to Edit Plans which can be found under Edit/ Add plans and select "Share URL".

Now send this to your tenants so that you can collect rent payments automatically every month.

You can also add private plans which are not visible on your subscription page by selecting "Private" (Eg: You would like to rent a specific room Room 4, 25 Chester Street to selective tenants)

Private plans can be shared but are not publically visible.

Congratulations! You've setup an automatic rent payment collection facility which is fast, and easy to use for both you and your tenants.

Why not get started now and enjoy the seamless rent collection through subscribie every month? Experience Subscribie today!