How to Create a Subscription Plan like Stripe

This Guide/ Tutorial deals with adding a subscription plan to your shop for your subscribers through your dashboard in Subscribie - The only Subscription Management Software you'll need.

How to Create a Subscription Plan like Stripe

In this guide, you will learn how to create a plan for your shop.

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Step 1: To create a plan, Log into your store and navigate to your Shop Dashboard.

Step 2: Under the "Edit/Add Plans" section, click "Add Plan".

Step 3: Here, enter your Plan Name & Selling Points.

Step 4: Choose whether you would like to set up your plan as a Recurring Charge by checking the checkbox, enter the amount for your plan, and then choose if it should be charged weekly, monthly or yearly.  

Step 5: Now Click Save

You have successfully created a new plan for your shop! Now, try Subscribie and try out these features for yourself.