3 Helpful Tips for Subscription Website Building

3 Helpful Tips for Subscription Website Building

Are you thinking about creating a subscription website for your business? If so, here are some useful tips to consider while creating your subscription website.

1: Carefully consider your USP's

Pinpointing your USP can be a difficult task, the most important question to ask is ‘What makes me different from my competitors?’. A USP is a description of how your business fits into the market, what your brand stands for and why consumers should choose you over competitors. Check out how to identify your product's unique selling points and the do's and don’ts of USP discovery.

2: Choose the correct photo

While a word can put a thousand images in a consumer’s mind, the correct image can also have a similar effect on consumers perceptions. Visuals are a powerful means of communication, utilise them correctly and enjoy the benefits.

If you leave your customers waiting, they will go elsewhere. Make sure your images load quickly.

How to choose good images

When choosing what images to place on your subscription website, consider these factors:

  • Image Optimization - While high-resolution images are fantastic, they tend to take up more storage, ultimately slowing your webpage down. If you leave your customers waiting, they will go elsewhere. There is a wide variety of software and web pages that offer free image optimization, use them.

  • Genuine - Ensure that your image is unique to your business and genuine. Invest in propper photos of your products. Generic photos won't improve the perception of your brand!

3: Consider your recurring payment pricing model

Are you giving consumers a discount for repeat purchases? If so, how much of a discount? If not, what will encourage customers to buy again? While its common sense that giving repeat purchase discounts will encourage subscriptions, what is the best discount rate to give? It's useful to note that discount rates aren’t permanent, you have full flexibility to adjust prices to maximise your discounting efficiency. Discount rates vary widely from business to business, when deciding yours, consider these factors:

  • How long will it take for the average person to consume my subscription?
  • How inconvenient will it be if they don't have my product category?
  • Are there any additional benefits for subscribers?

Start creating your subscription website now

Creating a website through subscription website builder is easy, consider these useful tips and your one step closer to realising the full potential of your web store. Give it a go!