Making Subscription Reporting Easy

Making Subscription Reporting Easy

We know that managing a subscription service can be tedious at times and difficult to keep track of. Having a service like Subscribie where you can have it all in one place comes in handy at times like these.

Subscribie is a versatile service that allows you to collect and keep track of your recurring payment collection from customers. Subscribie helps you manage your subscribers and incoming payments through the Subscribie dashboard. Even though you can pause, resume and alter plans, Subscribie also offers reporting features for you to take charge of your subscription management.

Failed Payments Report

This feature reports on the number of failed payments. This gives you an opportunity to view who has not yet paid their subscription.

Failed Reason Report

Subscribie will notify you with the reason why your subscribers' payment did not go through, this may be due to insufficient funds in their account or other issues that will be notified to you.

Failed Retries Report

Subscribie lets you know the number of times a payment has been re-tried after the first failed payment. With this feature, you don't have to worry about manually collecting payments and rest assured that the payment will be collected once the customer has rectified the problem with their account.

Subscriber Report

Subscribie allows you to export the list of subscribers you have as a CSV file that can be downloaded and used if necessary, alternatively you can view and manage your subscriber's subscription from your Subscribie Dashboard.  

Transaction Report

Subscribie offers you the ability to export your transactions as a CSV file that works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and other spreadsheet programs. This is handy in a pinch but Subscribie offers a robust transaction history overview in Subscribie's dashboard which shows you failed payments, subscribers' subscription status,  subscription management, subscription plan alteration, etc.