Cheapest way to collect online club subscriptions and donations

Cheapest way to collect online club subscriptions and donations

Subscribie is perhaps the simplest way & cheapest way to collection either one-off or recurring club subscriptions and/or donations online. Simply:

  • Enter packages
  • Set price: one off (e.g. donations) or recurring
  • Customers enter details & pay

Costs: Starts at £10 for 6 months (less that 6 pence a day!) Subscribie doesn't take a cut & the only fees are the payment processor (roughly 1% per transaction 20p, capped at £2)

You get a simple shop which serves as a way for you to easily collect club subscriptions and donations from your members:


Perhaps you run a club , volunteer organisation or a scout group or running group and wish to easily and simply collect subscription from your members. Subscribie isn't a membership platform it's simply the cheapest was way to:

  • Collect one-off or recurring payments from your members
  • Minimise fees (subscribie dosn't take a cut, only the payment processor does)
  • It's simple. Simply enter the difference 'items' available for purchase / donation or subscription and a simple subscription website is built for you.

Collect Running Club Subscriptions online

Running clubs are a prime example. You can collect payments from your members each month, and it's a good healthy motivator to keep people coming to! The responsibility of chasing payments isa burden, and because Subscribie uses direct debit payments are taken automatically each month - so there's no awkward chasing each time subs are due.

Collect Football Subscriptions

Do you run a Goals 5-a-side-football running weekly or monthly? Perhaps you're the captain of the club arranging the kick about and need to collect the money from the team. It can be done via the app, but it's not a smooth transaction because not everyone pays and you're left there having to chase it.

Scout Group Subs Collection Online

Handling cash in a Scout group setting can be a hassle for the treasurer, not to mention (depending on how lucky your pack is) your hut my not be the most secure building in the world!

By using the subscription website you can more safley collect payments for sub from parents via a simple online signup form. You can manage failed payments, and get a picture of how much is in the kitty for that next camp.

Get stated collecting online club subscriptions and donations

Despite being the cheapest, the standard payment form (and website) you get from Subscribie is really simple- easy for your members to setup their subscriptions.

What you get:

  • An automated process for your members to quickly and cheaply set-up payments to your club
  • A website displaying all your subscription / donation options
  • Ability to view your current subscribers (Names addresses)
  • Your own Subscribie url which you can print on to cards/leaflets to get people to sin-up
  • Online chat feature (optional)

How it works

Once you've built your subscription website shop, customers see an overview of your packages:


Members choose which package they wish to subscribe to (you can edit these at eny time on your dashboard) and customers enter their details to set-up their subscription:


The required information to collect payment is taken, and your club member has successfully signed up.

Grow your club subscriptions

Now you've got a way to easily collect subscriptions for your club, why not use it as a means to grow your members?

You could:

  • Share your membership / subscription options on social media to get more members
  • Increase donations by having a single point to signpost people to
  • Create a more modern approach to finances with your club
    • The Subscribie shop also comes with online chat (if you want) to engage with your customers online

Your shop takes payment via two methods upfront card payments (for one-off donations), or Direct Debit (for recurring payments). We use Direct Debit because this gives you more flexibiliy to stop, restart and change subscription amounts with your members. Donations can also be one-off. Financially, Subscribie does not take a percentage so this makes it one of cheapest options around because you're not having to set-aside budget for this, passing on this saving to allow your club to flourish!

Get starting building your online club subscriptions and donations website now.